The No Risk Way To Be Your Own Boss!

Drive With Select One and Enjoy

  • No Money Down
  • No Credit Check
  • No Balloon Payment
  • Full Service Maintenance Program - Never Pay out of Pocket !


If you’re always wanted to own your own truck and start your own business, now you can get rolling with little more than a handshake.

Lease to Own: Your Journey. Your Truck, Your Success!

Owning a truck has always posed challenges, from stringent terms to escalating equipment costs. However, Select One offers a straightforward route to ownership, featuring a diverse lineup of premium trucks and lease terms tailored to drivers. Our lease-purchase program prioritizes granting you the control you deserve as an operator Select a plan aligned with your requirements, and rely on us to support your efforts, contributing to your success journey.

Lease Highlights:

-Enjoy a reliable weekly revenue stream for financial freedom
-Flexible lease agreements enable you to exit on your terms,
-Secure ownership of your truck at lease end,
-Access only impeccably maintained, top-of-the-line trucks and trailers.

Home Time:

At Select One, we offer more than just truck ownership, we provide a steady workflow to ensure reliable pay Empowering operators to select their routes and distances puts control back in their hands Recognizing the importance of balancing work and personal life, we value drivers with diverse needs. Some choose to return home every other week, while others prefer longer stretches on the road. Our most successful contractors typically schedule home time every 2 to 3 weeks